Willy-Willy for Vata Dosha

Herbal Tea
Lavender, Cinnamon, Bittermelon
By Hyrbs

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This herbal tea is suited for the balancing of the internal air element, readjusting the energy inside a tired body. Willy-Willy will help you to relax after a long exhausting day, relieving any underlying stress. With a mixture of lavender, cinnamon, and bitter gourd, the tea is naturally sweet and aromatically floral.

Brewing Guide

Steeping: 4 – 5 min

Water Temperature: 90 °C

Brewing Ratio: 1 tea bag for 250 ml water







Hyrbs combines the science and art of natural therapy to originate our herbal products. We have enhanced the long-historical studies including Ayurveda, Color Therapy, and Natural Treats into our very unique formula product that can gently treat your health, calm your mind and heal your soul. Our product is 100% natural and non-chemical to provide you the best balance for your health and well-being lifestyle.