Herbal Tea
Pandan, Lemongrass
By Mali Ateli

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Siamese essence with full mild and mellow mouthfeel.

This tropical herb and plant combination gives you the triple C; clear your head, cool down your temper and calm down your mind, just like meeting a kind-hearted mother.

Brewing Guide

Steeping: 4 – 5 min

Water Temperature: 95 – 98 °C

Brewing Ratio: 1 portion for 300 – 410 ml water

Mali Ateli

Tea can communicate. each ingredient is like a phrase, ingredient quantity is like a grammar, ingredient combination is like a

total message. And then when it’s extracted by water, the additional, hidden, message emerges, which completed the whole story either by surprise or further details to the receivers.

Besides the recognition that Tea is a form of communication art, we also love flavours, design, and craft. Therefore, we decided to create the world of blended tea which each of our blended flavour must be designed for eyes, nose, lip, tongue, and cognition system, all at once, and of course, each portion is measured by hands and heart, which is necessary for craftsmanship. And because of we use mainly full-leaves, full-buds, and full-grains, we need to make sure every portion has the same ranges of ingredients so every pot/mug contain the same range of flavour satisfaction, we create portion by portion, by hands.