Organics Plus Wash Process

Medium Roast
Chocolate, Creamy, Sweet
By Tobo Coffee and Roaster


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฿450 / 250 grams

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“Organics Plus Wash Process” comes from a coffee farm in the Shan state of Myanmar, which is one of the well emerging coffee-farming areas in the Southeast Asian region. The area borders Yunnan, a region in China which is long renowned for its tea-growing industry, thanks to the high altitude and favorable climate. Processed with “Wash Process”, “Organics Plus Wash Process” has a clean taste that is easy to drink. This medium roast is tailored by Tobo to specifically pull out the intrinsic notes. When brewed with a filter method, the coffee is sweet, aromatic, and moderately acidic. When brewed with a pressure method, , the acidity will then be more noticeable, with a crema that is fluffier than most regular coffee.

About Tobo Coffee

Bo and Nat of Tobo Coffee are the ultimate coffee explorers who moved into the coffee roasting business by first roasting for their very own home brews with a pan. Yes, a single pan. When certain preferred beans are hard to find, and certain roasts are too specific to find on shelf, they started to buy green beans.
After much sharing and market-testing amongst their peers, Bo and Nat acquired a small roaster which allows them to not only make more consistent quality roasting, but also to roast for others too. These small batches are the very reason why Nat and Bo can pay every bit of their attention to the details and the preference of their customers. They also welcome feedbacks and are ready to adjust the roasting techniques to suit your coffee palate.