Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea
By Tea 101

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Dong Ding Tea got its name from a tall mountain in Taiwan (Central Taiwan’s Nantou County), where the tea varietal was originally cultivated before it found roots in Northern Thailand’s mountain soil. This kind of tea is harvested during the rainy season, resulting in relatively softer flavors. Due to this characteristic, it must go through a longer roasting process in order to ensure optimal tastenotes-strong and toasty. It is particularly well liked by tea lovers who adore strong teas like those traditional Chinese ones.

Brewing Guide

Steeping: 2 – 3 min

Water Temperature: 100 °C

Brewing Ratio: 5 grams for 500 ml water

Tea 101

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Tea101 is born out of a family of Thai tea farmers’ strong determination to produce quality teas from purely Thai produces. All products are handmade by fellow Thai people, who aim to capture the hearts of Thai tea lovers—old and new.
Tea101 is experienced with years and years of oriental tea farming in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Traditions have been passed down from multiple generations of tea experts to ensure that Tea101, being the first to cultivate Oolong tea in the country, can bring out the most of this renowned oriental tea in our own Thai soil.
To please an ever-growing crowd of tea lovers with ever increasingly diverse preferences, Tea101 has worked hard to create a diverse line of quality tea products. Now we are able to cater to many tea drinking styles. Because of the healthy support we have seen over the years, we are able to live up to our original vision: “Good Tea never ceases to be better”



  • 1st place Quality Oolong Tea Leaves No.12 and Oolong soft stem at World Tea Festival. (2004)
  • Royal Cup Prize Quality Oolong Tea Leaves No.12 and Oolong soft stem at Tea Leaves and Greenery Fair Chiang Rai Province. (2001)
  • 1st place Oolong No.12 and Oolong soft stem tea leaves products at Mae Fah Luang Tea Festival. (2000)
  • 1st place Quality Oolong No.12 and Oolong soft stem at Mae Fah Luang Tea Festival. (1999)
  • 2nd place Quality Oolong soft stem at Doi Mae Salong Tea Festival. (1998)
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