Blooming Tea

Herbal Tea
White Tea, Flowers

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Blooming Tea is a wonderful tea creation that is made of both contemporary craftsmanship and traditional tea ingredients. In a posy of blooming tea, white tea and green tea are bundled together along with a few more ornamental flowers that add up to create a gentle yet complex aroma.

Aside from its graceful beauty, Blooming Tea is packed with natural health benefits of both types of tea and other accompanying flowers.

Brewing Guide

Steeping: 10 min

Water Temperature: 100 °C

Brewing Ratio: 1 flower for 500 ml water

CHAR: The Taste of Happiness







CHAR is a premium flower tea brand that aims to present an alluring assortment of flower teas carefully selected from multiple charming corners of the world.

In a cup, CHAR captures the mysterious beauty of various herbal infusions that come with more than a thousand years of rich history. With that, each and every one of these offerings is filled with amazing sets of health benefits and nourishing qualities. In addition, they deliver some of the most iconic tastes and aromas unique to teas, herbs, and flowers of the oriental worlds.