Metacup is a one-stop shopping platform, my college research paper especially crafted for coffee and tea connoisseurs of the 21st century.


By curating quality coffee beans and tea leaves from our local roasters, blenders, and artisan producers nationwide, Metacup will allow you to discover a dazzling array of coffee/tea choices at your fingertip, and have them shipped right to your very own doorstep.


Unlike your experiences pay for research papers anywhere else, shopping for coffee beans and tea leaves on Metacup will be a journey full of joy and excitement. Coffee/tea explorers, experimental brewers, and simply anyone who enjoys coffee/tea at home will simply love the constant discovery of new memorable experiences and countless encounters of what is to be your next favorite cup.


Metacup not only aspires to be a platform of consumers’ choice, but it also serves as a connector bringing the coffee/tea lover community closer together. Featured on the website are some very impressive stories and backgrounds of artists and experts behind each product, bridging the gap between end consumers and upstream producers, to whom we very much owe a debt of gratitude. Essentially, it is these local producers with their heart-made creations that we make it our mission to present to the world.


Based in Bangkok, the Metacup team currently gathers for you a range of carefully selected quality coffee beans, freshly roasted by Thailand-based roasters. Our selection, however, does not stop here; we aim to bring better, wider, more eye-opening, and more jaw-dropping range of products to our platform in the near future. Send us words on what you might be looking for, and we will do our best to explore them ๐Ÿ™‚


Also, please contact us if you are a passionate producer of tea and/or coffee that we haven’t had the chance to say “hello” to just yet.